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Leather is a durable natural material that ages beautifully over time. Take good care of your leather shoes to make them last longer.

Some simple tips for maintaining your leather shoes

  • Always use a waterproof spray before first use and then monthly.
  • Dust them regularly with a horsehair brush or a soft cloth.
  • In case of a stain, clean them with a suitable cleaning milk. For white or cream leathers, you can use a soft cloth soaked in a bit of Marseille soap (apply the soap to the cloth, not directly on the shoe).
  • If the leather color fades, you can restore it with suitable shoe polish. Though, we recommend conducting a preliminary test on an inconspicuous part of the shoe.


Our Calie sandals are made from vegetable-tanned leather. These leathers are particularly resistant and require minimal maintenance. They do not fare well with rain (small stains may appear) or oily products, so we advise you to take extra care!
In terms of maintenance, simply clean them with a soft cloth once in a while.

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