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Suede is either split leather or the backside of leather that has been sanded down to achieve a velvety finish. Highly breathable and comfortable, it is also more susceptible to water and dirt, requiring specific care.

Some simple tips for maintaining your suede shoes

  • Although our suede leathers are pre-treated for water, we recommend re-waterproofing them regularly and avoiding exposure to heavy rain. If you encounter rain, let them air dry away from heat sources and stuff them with tissue paper.
  • Dust them from time to time with a soft brush or a nubuck sponge. For more embedded stains, you can use a crepe brush or even a suede shampoo. We recommend conducting a preliminary test on a section of the leather.
  • For greasy stains, we recommend using fuller's earth powder: let it sit for a few hours, then remove it with a soft cloth.
  • Revive the color with a suitable renovating spray (from a cobbler) when necessary.

Suede leathers tend to soften more than smooth leathers. To maintain your shoe shape over time, it is highly recommended to use shoe trees or fill your shoes with tissue paper when storing them.

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